A big thank you to every person who donated to my Indiegogo fundraising campaign. It has opened my eyes to how much I am truly loved by my peers. I was originally very hesitant about fundraising for myself but I spoke to one of my friends to get her opinion on the concept and she told me something that I quickly noticed. She told me “friends and family are always there to support you, sometimes they just need the invitation to help you out” and I couldn’t agree more. These past few weeks have been filled with stories from old friends, love and encouragement from people I never expected and more contributions than I anticipated. It’s hard to explain how thankful I am but I am going to pour my heart into each reward and I’m going to do my best to keep this blog updated so everyone knows what’s going on.

At the end of the campaign we reached $1,775 of my $2,759 which is going to help a lot. The Indiegogo portion of fundraising has closed but I am still looking for friends and family who would like to sponsor miles in my hike so that we can reach that goal. I am currently writing sponsorship letters to friends who are closest to me and I hope to get those written by the end of the week. Sorry they have taken so long I have been lacking supplies here on the island and I had to wait for them to be shipped in! 

On the personal training side I have lost 10 pounds since I got on the island and I have been biking about 5-10 miles a day on the trails.

More updates coming up soon!


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