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Time Rolls by Fast

Wow, the time really rolls by fast. I can’t believe my last update was back in June.

To quickly go over everything, my hike was postponed for September of 2014 for monetary reasons. The fundraising went fantastic and helped me out wonderfully. I would have had enough money to go on my hike however I would have been dirt broke once I returned back to America and I didn’t feel comfortable putting myself in that situation. I decided to postpone it to put me in a better situation overall and many of my family and friends agreed that it would be a smarter decision.

In the meantime the summer season was hectic, with working over 70+ hours a week the blog unfortunately fell on the back burner and I will try not to let it happen again.

I am currently in Big Sky Montana working at a ski resort this winter. It is incredibly beautiful out here and it is prepping me for my time in the mountains in India. Here are some photos from the past few months of my life. I’ll be seeing you guys again soon.