Unfortunate Decision

I would first like to thank everyone who generously donated his or her money to assist in paying for my hike. I cannot explain how grateful I am to have this kind of support in my life and I appreciate it tremendously. I am here to inform everyone that unfortunately I will not be able to carry through with this adventure any time in the near future. The short story is that the expense is simply too high for this particular time in my life.

My fundraising campaign did raise a lot of money but it still would have put me in a very tough spot not only on my hike but also when I returned back to the states with no money, no job and hopefully no illness or injury. I have been working with NOLS on trying to find a later date but there have been many complications with rescheduling. I have decided that in order for me to participate on this specific hike I will need to wait a few more years and save up more substantial funds.

With this being said I would like to offer a full refund on every donation. I am incredibly sorry for this inconvenience and I hope that it does not cause too much trouble. I will be contacting each person individually in regards to the specific details. If anybody has any questions about my decision or my future plans please contact me at Cmridd123@aol.com.