I am currently fundraising to meet my deadline for tuition.

$1,890 raised of $2,759 so far.

What I Need

Alright, I am a planner, so this is going to be very detailed… here we go.

The cost of my tuition is $7,759.40 (this includes tuition, equipment deposit and tuition protection)

  • I have received a $1,000 scholarship bringing my total to $6,759.40.
  • Tuition is due July 8th, 2013, which only gives me two and a half months to earn money. I am estimating that I will be able to provide $4,000 by July 8th so that means I need $2,759.40 by the deadline.
  • Now there are many expenses on top of this tuition. There is the cost of plane tickets, round trip estimated to be $1,300-$1,600 depending on when I buy them.
  • Actual equipment costs (I plan to rent a majority of it) will range from $1,200-$1,800.
  • Then there is the cost of miscellaneous items such as a Passport ($180), Rosetta Stone for Hindi ($180-$320) visa fees (estimated $200), GoPro camera ($200-$400) and small Nikon camera ($150) to document the trip as well as a small portable backpack solar panel so that I can keep these things charged ($60).
  • *I am still checking on which ones I need to update* Vaccines and immunizations are optional but highly recommended and crazy expensive. Hepatitis A ($282), Hepatitis B ($381), Japanese Encephalitis ($600), Typhoid ($86), Polio vaccine ($74), Yellow Fever (TBD) and optional recommended Rabies ($900) and $50 consultation. For a total of around $2373, yikes.
  • After almost everything (not including tuition and vaccines) my expenses will come to $3470-$4530. The money that I make between July 8th and the course start date on September 21st will pay for these expenses. I am cutting this budget very close so any money raised over my goal of $2,759.40 will go towards these additional expenses.
  • Special note on my budget, if I don’t raise enough funds I have worked it out with my bank to be able to take out a loan so even if the project is only half funded I will still make the trip. If India becomes dangerous to travel to or if something causes me not to go I will either re-schedule the trip for next year or refund the money 100% via check or PayPal.


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