Here is the current list of sponsors for each mile of my hike. Becoming a sponsor will include a handwritten thank you note, postcard from the Taj Mahal and photos from the hike.


Miles 1-10$1 each

1. Daniel Frater

Miles 11-40, $5 each

11. Shelbie Mosley 12. Chandler Perry 22. Tabatha Keetch 23. Ryan Lieblang

Miles 41-50, $10 each

Miles 51-60, $20 each

51. Gustavo Garcia

Miles 61-70, $30 each

Miles 71-80, $40 each

Miles 81+, $50+ each

81. Anna VanderHart 82. Susan Ferguson 83.  Scott Ferguson 84. Beth Hughey

Additional Contributors

Allyson Tibbitts, Jessica Goldsmith, Caleb Moseley, Austin Estes, Shelby Allen, Toni Beyer, Kimberly Twarozynski, Keith and Andrea Sutherland

If you would like to sponsor a mile of my hike you donate here.

Make a Donation Button


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